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Puppy Training Tips
From: our friends at Cute Puppy Dogs

Why house training your puppy is so important? To make your life
easier! When your dog finds out he is your master, instead of the
opposite, you are in big trouble because your puppy will do
whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Puppy training tips become
handy in this situation because it will help you to teach your
puppy proper behaviour and it will put you in the right position.

A few general puppy training tips

1. If you have kids, teach them how to behave with the new puppy
(and with any other dog for that matter). Kids need to know how
to approach a puppy, slowly, letting the puppy smell them. If you
don't teach them that, they might get bitten by the puppy which
can lead to them being scared of dog for a very long time.

2. Give them toys to chew instead of your shoes or other personal
items. This way, your puppy will learn what's his and what is
not, which should help you save a lot of shoes! A good cord is
great to keep your puppy teeth clean. The favourite toy of my
spaniel is the Kong. I make him homemade dog biscuits that
I put in the Kong and he plays with it a lot.

3. Teach the basic commands like sit and stay using treats and a
gentle voice when your puppy does it right.

4. Train your puppy not to jump on guests! How annoying, when you
arrive at a friends house and the dog just jumps at you like
crazy. This is annoying for visitors and scaring for little kids.
The first thing to do is to ignore the dog when you arrive home
or when the doorbell rings. This way your puppy will learn to
calm down when visitors arrive.

Reprinted with permission
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