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How to buy a Purebred Dog

Once you have decided which breed of dog you want by doing
plenty of research into the characteristics of various
breeds, and then have researched what to look for in dogs of
your chosen breed, you have just completed the first step.
The second step is finding a quality place from which to
purchase your dog.

In the world of purebred dogs there are many things that are
done that are not recommended or are even wrong. Buying a
dog from the wrong breeder can mean getting a sick dog or an
inbred dog or a dog that will simply have many health or
temperament problems for whatever reason.

The best place from which to buy a purebred dog from is a
breeder directly. It is very important to check into a
breeder before you purchase a dog through them. Ask them if
they have any certifications for their breeding program,
referrals of others who have bought dogs and talk to the vet
that they use.

Another possible way to find purebred dogs that need homes
is through rescue groups. Rescue groups are usually breed
specific and offer re-homing services for purebred dogs that
might otherwise be left at shelters or put to sleep. There
are rescue groups for most dog breeds, local dog trainers or
the Internet may help you locate a good rescue group for the
breed of dog that you want.

A third option, but not a good one, is pet stores or
backyard breeders. There are very many things that should
concern you when buying a dog from a pet store or small
breeder. Often dogs that come from pet stores are from
"puppy mills" where breeding was not well managed and the
parent dogs not well cared for, and the puppies may have
worms or kennel cough or a variety of other sicknesses that
dogs pass along to each other as well as genetic diseases
from inbreeding or careless breeding of dogs with bad

Wherever you decide to purchase your purebred dog, the most
important thing is to ask a lot of questions and be
informed. If you are dealing with a reputable dealer or
rescue group you will probably find they will ask a lot of
questions of you as well, to make sure that there is a good

A good dog sale means everyone involved is looking out for
the animal's welfare first. If you don't feel like this is
the case you should move on and keep looking. Don't buy a
dog because you "feel sorry for it" or another impulsive
reason, the last thing you want is to end up with a dog that
has more problems than you can deal with.

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