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Types of Dog Training Leads and Leashes and their Uses
By: Tippy & Turbo

Every dog handler or trainer likes and recommends a
particular type of lead. All are good for particular uses.
The best lead for training depends on the particular dog,
its size, strength and personality, the trainer, and the
particular skill being taught.

Here are some of the most popular types of dog leads and the
ways they are most commonly used.

Common Leashes

Most pet supplies and department stores carry an assortment
of leather, nylon or chain leashes. Most are around six feet
long. These leashes are designed for all around dog walking.
A chain leash may be best for dogs that dislike the leash
and try to chew through it immediately. If chewing is not a
problem, a nylon leash is fine for a light-weight dog and a
good leather leash will last for years.

Training Leads

Longer leads of fifteen feet or more are used for teaching
puppies things like coming when called. This type of
training lead may be made of nylon, leather or soft cotton
rope. Be careful not to get a training lead that is too
heavy for your puppy.

Check Cords

Bird dogs are often trained on slim rope leads called check
cords. They don't easily hang up on brush, and if the dog
doesn't stop when the trainer tells it to, the trainer
simply steps on the lead to stop the dog.

Traffic Leads

Traffic leads are very short, basically holding the dog in
the heel position. They are used to train or control a dog
in crowded conditions such as a busy urban sidewalk or park.

Hunting Dog Leads

Hunting leads are designed to allow the owner to control the
dog but then let it run without having to stop to remove the
lead. These rubber or plastic leads are very short and won't
hang up as the dog runs through brush or woodlands.

Leather or Shock Cord Leads

These leads are most often used in training working dogs for
skills such as police or drug sniffing dogs and are usually
from six to twenty feet long.

British Style or Slip Leads

This lead is leash and collar combined. They work something
like a choke collar and leash are best used by experienced
dog trainers working with particular dogs. These leads
should never be used by inexperienced people or for normal
use as if the lead is pulled too hard it can injure the dog.

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