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How to Housebreak your Puppy or Dog

House training is probably the most important skill we teach
our dogs. We can all deal with a chewed shoe here and there
or a pull on the leash, but we all draw the line at using the
house as a toilet.

While housebreaking is one of the most important skills for
your dog to learn it is also relatively easy to accomplish
with the right information and a little patience. You should
never wait to start house training. As soon as you bring a
new puppy or dog into your house going outside or wherever
else you designate for elimination should be the rule from
day one.

Dogs are not able to physically hold their bladders and
bowels until they are about twelve weeks old, so if you are
dealing with a very small puppy you have to be in control of
taking it out on a regular schedule to make sure there are
no mishaps. Even with older dogs you should take them out
regularly, but if you are late getting home from work or
something after being completely trained, most dogs can wait
it out.

The first step to getting your dog house trained is making
sure it understands your expectations. The best way to do
this is through positive reinforcement when it does the
right behaviors. Your dog wants to please you, so if you
make certain it really understands what pleases you the
results will be much better.

There are many different specific suggested methods for
house training a dog or puppy. Some people use newspapers
indoors, while others use crate training. The best method
for you is a personal choice that will depend on your daily
schedule and your dog.

Most dogs by about five months old have the ability to be
completely house trained with little to no accidents. Before
that it can be hit or miss and you should be patient. You
can housebreak an older dog as well, even if he has never
been house trained. All dogs want to please and you just
have to use this to your advantage.

The best way to get started on house training is to do your
research and find a method that works for you. Then stick
with it and be consistent. If you send your dog mixed
signals you will make it very hard for it to exhibit the
behavior you are looking for.

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