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Really, just how

Intelligent is your Dog?

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Is your dog smart? Find out with Canine Intelligence Tests

Canine Intelligence Tests

Yes it is true; you can test your dog's intelligence. There
are dog IQ tests that give you a specific list of activities
to do with your dog. Then they show you how to measure how smart
your dog really is. If you ever plan on enrolling your dog
at Harvard these scores can come in really handy.

But even if your dog doesn't have an Ivy League future it is
still cool to get a better understanding of how intelligent
your dog is so that you will know how much you should be
challenging him or her.

The activities show how well your dog is using its brain to
solve problems. You should make this fun for your dog and it
should seem like a game to it more than a test. You should
also break the test up as a dog may be come tired or
uninterested which will affect its ability to do the tasks.

Most of the activities are simple and only take a few
minutes to complete. Most include some kind of food treat as
well as a reward which is another reason to break the test
parts up over time.

Also, when you give the tests remember that you only have a
couple of chances to score your dog in each of the areas
because after that it becomes about repetition and not

A stressed dog will perform worse by default on tests like
these. So while you are doing it make sure your dog is calm
and relaxed and don't' yell at him or scold her for not
completing one of the tasks.

A sample activity might go something like this:

1) Have your dog sit down quietly and relax and show it the
treat you have for it.

2) Put the treat under the dog's nose and let it take a

3) Gather the dog's complete attention on you, and while the
dog is watching you put the treat a few feet away under an
empty can and then release the dog to see if the dog will
knock over the can and find the treat.

How quickly your dog completes this activity successfully
will give you a score for this activity. At the end you add
up all the scores and it will tell you where your dog falls
on the dog intelligence scale.

Although this test may seem a little silly at first, it is a
great way to gauge your dog's overall intelligence, which
lets you learn more about what makes him tick. The more we
know about our dogs the better providers and leaders we can
be for them.

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