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The International Cat Association - TICA

The International Cat Association (TICA) was founded in June
of 1979 by Georgia Morgan and a handful of other cat
fanciers. TICA was originally a North America based registry
that has since become international and serves the needs of
cat fanciers worldwide. The International Cat Association is
now the world's largest genetic cat registry.

TICA has several objectives but its most important mission
is to encourage members to be responsible breeders and
owners and to promote the preservation of pedigreed cats and
the health and welfare of all domestic cats. The
International Cat Association encourages its members to take
an active role in fostering responsible cat care and health
in the community at large. They also take an active role in
research on feline health issues.

TICA recognizes fifty-five breeds of pedigreed cats and also
has competitions for "house cats," including special
divisions for felines adopted from shelters or rescued off
the street. They also have a provisional breed category for
new breeds. Felines in this category are registered but they
have not yet met the requirements of championship status.

In addition to being the world's largest cat registry, TICA
also puts on a large number of shows worldwide each year.
They coordinate over one hundred shows a year worldwide. All
competition judges are highly qualified and have completed
extensive apprenticeship and examination processes to be

Membership to The International Cat Association is open to
all breeders, exhibitors and cat lovers around the world.
You can either join as an individual member or you can
charter a local club if you have at least 5 registered TICA
members participating. TICA is a hands-on association and
all members get votes on all issues that shape the
association. You must be an individual member to vote as
clubs do not get votes.

There are TICA chartered clubs located all over the world
and there is probably one in your local area. Standard
association membership is $35 for the year for US and $40
for the year for international members. They also offer a
lifetime option for $1,000.

To find out more information about joining The International
Cat Association or any of their shows they offer all of that
information on their website at

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