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Learning what Iron

Storage Disease

in birds means.


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Iron Storage Disease: Hemochromatosis is a common problem in pet
mynahs and toucans as well as in certain zoo birds such as the

It has also been occasionally reported in pet psittacine species.

Hemochromatosis is sometimes reported to be
associated with excessive intake of dietary iron. However, not
all birds become affected when kept on similar diets. Stress may
also play a role.

Certain foods (eg, citrus fruits) may also alter dietary iron intake.

Some believe a maintenance diet for softbills containing iron at 40
ppm (mg/kg) can help prevent the disease, although this is difficult
to achieve.

Low-iron diets and bloodletting have been helpful in treatment of mild
cases. Recommending low-iron diets for pet mynahs is prudent
(commercial formulas are available).

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