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Jack Russell Terrier Dogs


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Jack Russell Terriers
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Jack Russell Terrier is an amusing, careful, devoted,
fearless, loving, merry, obedient, perky and spirited dog.
These dogs enjoy playing with their owners and toys. The
Jack Russell really enjoys games and fun. In general Jack
Russell Terriers are friendly with children, however,
because this is a small dog children need to be taught how
to properly treat it.

In the nineteenth century the Jack Russell Terrier was
developed in England by a clergyman named Jack Russell, who
was an avid fox hunter. This terrier is little and feisty
and loves to hunt small game by digging its prey out of the
den. Breeders have bred for the dog's working ability, so
the standard encompasses a wide range of body types.

This tough terrier is a sturdy dog that is on its toes a lot
of the time. The length of the body is in proportion to the
dog's height and should show a balanced, compact image,
always in hard condition and solid.

The head should be in proportion to the body and well
balanced with a flat skull that is moderately wide at the
ears and narrows to the eyes. The stop should be defined but
not over pronounced. The muzzle from nose to stop should be
somewhat shorter than the distance between the stop and

The ears are carried forward close to the head and are small
and v-shaped, with a drop of moderate thickness. The eyes
are almond-shaped, dark colored and full of intelligence and
life. The jaw should be well boned and powerful with strong
muscled cheeks.

They nose should be black. The mouth is strong with teeth
that the top slightly overlap the bottom. There are two
bites that are acceptable in this breed, level or scissors,
a scissors bite being preferred.

The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier is smooth without being
sparse. This provides some protection from the undergrowth
and the elements. It may be broken or rough coated without
being woolly. The coat colors are usually white
predominately, meaning more than half white, with black,
brown or tan markings. Brindle is unacceptable by the breed

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Tippy & Alfred used to watch Wishbone who was a Jack Russell Terrier
dog that was on Channel 13 the educational channel. Wishbone was
one really cool television star and Tippy's tail went 90 miles
an hour when Wishbone would save the day, Alfred loved it when
Wishbone got in trouble.....anyway in remembrance of that, they
created this web page.