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The John Deere

330 Built

at Dubuque, Iowa


The 330 John Deere Standard & Utility

Model 330   1958 to 1960

The John Deere Model 330 was for farmers who needed a low cost
tractor for small jobs that didn't require much power.

The John Deere 330 used basically the same engine as the John Deere
Model M. It had the same bore and stroke 4 x 4 inches, same, 100.5 cid,
it ran at 1650 rpm and put out about 21.5 belt horsepower, just a bit
more than the John Deere M had.

The John Deere Model 330 tractor was made in two variations:
Standard and Utility.

The John Deere 330 Standard was built mainly for farmers needing
a tractor to work precision crops. It also could be used as a
small handy man tractor for larger farms.

The 330 Utility was a good all purpose tractor for doing odd jobs that
didn't need a lot of power and doing them economically.

There wasn't a whole of difference in the size between the 330 and
John Deere 430 tractor, in fact farmers could purchase a more powerful
Model 430 for only a few dollars more than a 330, which was most likely
the biggest reason there weren't many John Deere 330's produced.

John Deere 330 Utility

John Deere Model 330 Tractor Trivia

839 Model 330 Standard Tractors were built, 252 utilities.

The first 330, serial # 33001 was built on July 7, 1958.
The last one was # 331091 built on February 24, 1960.

Only a gasoline engine with 4 speed transmission was offered.

An optional belt pulley could be purchased for use on the PTO shaft.

There were no 330 Special tractors built at the factory. It is known
that a few dealers converted some 330's into Specials by using parts
from a 40 V or 420 V tractor. The Special tractors using the designation V
were only half as high as a high crop. These tractors were intended for use
with crops grown on high beds.

It is believed that 4 John Deere 330 tractors were painted red from
the factory for a special industrial order. All yellow coloring was
an option when purchasing through the Deere Industrial Division.
Although there was never a 330 Industrial designation for the tractor.

The John Deere 330's and 430's were built at Dubuque, Iowa.

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