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Deere 830 Tractors

75 belt horsepower from the John Deere Model 830
the most horsepower ever from a two cylinder tractor.

The ultimate two cylinder tractor, dubbed Mr. Mighty, was the John Deere
Model 830 Diesel Tractor. The Model 830 was made from 1958 to 1960.

The engine on the 830 was the same as had been on the later 820's.
Bore and stroke was 6.125 x 8 inches, 472 cid, 1125 rpm, 69.7
drawbar and 75.6 belt horsepower.

The 24 volt electric starting system which was introduced on the later
720 Diesel tractors was an option for the 830. The V 4 pony motor was
standard equipment.

Model 830 Diesel Tractor

The price of a new 1960 Model 830 with electric start was $5,000.
Add $140 for an 830 with pony start.

Shipping weight was 7850 pounds.

About 6,893 Model 830's were built. 3,584 with pony start, 3,131 with

An 830 I (industrial) was produced as a separate variation in
November 1958, there were only about 125, 830's with the I designation
built and most were used for road work.

Some tractors were built especially for rice growers, these 830's even had
Rice Special decals applied to them.

Go back to the 820 to see a picture of a Rice Special

Everything about the 830 was big and even to a point, over built.
But there were only so many horses that could be pulled out of a
two cylinder engine and still have the tractor affordable and maneuverable.

Given the specs below, which tractor would you buy?

Comparisons of an 830 and 4010


  830 4010
Weight 7850 6700
Length 142 inches 149
Turning Radius 186 inches 129
HP Belt/PTO 75.6 84
HP Drawbar 69.66 72
Price 5138 5187

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