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Want to Dig some

Potatoes? The Model

P Tractor would do it


In 1929, six John Deere Model GP Tricycle tractors were shipped to
eastern potato country.

All Model P tractors were produced in two runs. The first began
January 30, 1930 with serial number P5000 and the second began
July 25 with serial number P5150.

In 1930, 203 Model GP Wide Tread Series P Tractors were produced.

Only about 30 John Deere Model P tractors are known to exist in the
world at this time.

John Deere P (Potato) Tractor

Tidbits about tractors

In 1930 Massey Harris introduced it 4 wheel drive general purpose
tractor. It claimed the tractor could be turned in a 6 foot circle.

Total tractor production in the U.S. in 1930 was 202,458. In 1931 that
figure fell to 71,704. In 1934 that dropped to 19,000 units.

In 1931 Sears Roebuck Company got into the tractor business selling
a Bradley 2 plow general purpose tractor. Caterpillar brought
out the first diesel tractor in the U. S., the Caterpillar Diesel 65.
The main diesel engine had a smaller 2 cylinder gas engine for
a starting unit.

In 1930 kerosene or as it was affectionately known as "stove top"
cost 6.5 cents a gallon....with no tax.

IN 1929 the Wagner Langemo Company of Minneapolis found themselves
about to go out of business. Deere purchased 23 complete Grain Saver
threshers along with all W. L. factory tooling to build the threshers for
$42,500. This was the first thresher for sale Deere had ever offered. It
soon appeared with the John Deere decals. John Deere didn't quit making
threshers until 1951.

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