Pictures of our working John Deere Tractors

These are pictures of John Deere 2 Cylinder
Tractors we use on our farm. They are real live working tractors:
Remember if it Ain't Green it Ain't Mean!

1958 John Deere 720 Diesel

This 720 was originally sold in the midwest. It had a single
front wheel and was then sold to a dealer in Lancaster Pa. When
we purchased the tractor, a 730 with wide front end was right
beside it. For $1,000 more, the dealer swapped front ends for us.

It came with electric start and had 4 wheel weights on each side
of the rear. We figure it had seen much use as a plow tractor.

Over the years we redid about everything on the machine, including
complete engine overhaul, all new bearings in the rear axles,
redid the front spindles, replaced 6th gear as it had one
tooth missing when it came to us, and did a paint job.

1955 John Deere 70 Diesel having fun pulling a hay ride

Our 70 Diesel shown here pulling a Sunday School hayride,
unfortunately half way through the ride the wagon had a flat
tire...go figure.

If you look carefully over the right side rear wheel, is a second
seat we built for our son Karl.

See more pictures and a bit more history about this 70
tractor here:
John Deere 70 Tractors

1956 John Deere 520

Note: cylinder head is off the tractor in the shop for a
head job. The tractor came to us with a broken spring on the
pulley side exhaust valve. It also came on a cold snowy
day and was covered in about 2 inches of ice when we unloaded it.

With power steering and float ride seat, the 520 runs
great now and has seen major use raking hay, hauling hay
and as a handy Andy tractor.

Our Christmas decoration 1938 John Deere B

(some years we even had a manure spreader pulled behind it,
complete with "running" lights for the beaters. The tractor
below was outlined in green bulbs with yellow running lights on
back and front wheels)

Karl & his Big John Deere pedal Puller
(the smoke stack is off our Model 70!)

We modified a John Deere pedal tractor for this big time puller.
The tractor had a smokestack from our 70 Diesel,
a throttle control, starting switch and gear shift lever.

This John Deere puller and his tractor had far more full pulls than you could ever imagine.

John Deere Tractors we currently or have owned:

1953 Model 60
1948 Model B
1953 Model 50 (see our restoration project on this tractor)
1955 Model 50
1956 Model 60
1955 Model 70 Diesel
1938 Model B
1936 Model B
1951 Model B
1956 Model 520
1958 Model 720 Diesel
1958 420 Crawler
1959 Model 730 Diesel
1967 2510 Diesel
3010 Diesel
2004 L110 Riding Mower
1973 110 Riding Mower

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