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John Deere Model 60

The John Deere 60 Row Crop Tractor advertised
as a 3 to 4 plow tractor for farmers who needed more power
to handle heavier loads.

Model 60 1952 to 1957 with 6 different front end assemblies.

The new Model 60 John Deere Tractor was introduced in June of 1952
as a much improved successor to the John Deere Model A.

Two innovations that were introduced with the Model 60 was positive
crankcase ventilation which prevented formation of sludge by drawing
clean air through the crankcase by an air pump and an automatic fuel
shut off valve operated by engine oil pressure. When there was no
oil pressure, the flow of fuel to the carburetor was stopped.

Model 60's were available with either gasoline, all fuel or LP
gas engines.

The original Model 60's retained the same engine as the last of the
Model A tractors with 41.57 belt and 36.94 drawbar horsepower, a
bore and stroke of 5 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches, 321 cid, and 1115 rpm.

Variations of the John Deere Model 60 tractor include:

Model 60 (with 4 front end options: dual narrow, dual narrow
Roll O Matic, wide and single)
Model 60 S
Model 60 Hi Crop
Model 60 O
Model 60 NS (new style, referred to as high seaters)

Our 1953 John Deere Model 60 Tractor

This was the first tractor we ever purchased in 1972. It was
bought for $1200 and included a 2 bottom drag plow thrown in on
the deal. In 1995 we purchased a 1956 Model 60 that had power
steering. We took the power steering unit off that tractor
and put it on this one.

The 60 has given us almost no trouble. A starter was replaced in
1973 and new rubber put on. Other than replacing the fan shaft, there
has been no problems with the tractor. We purchased an 800 hitch
for the tractor which was a poor excuse for a hitch, so we made some
custom adaptations which significantly helped.

The above picture was taken in 1977 before we had any decent
camera equipment.

An exclusive John Deere feature
Roll O Matic front Wheels

Model 60 Trivia

Special long axles were an option which increased rear tread to 98 inches
for regular wheel and up to 104 inches for offset wheel.

The 60 Orchard wasn't replaced by the 620 O when the 20 series came
out, it stayed in production until April 1957. The 60 O was offered
with an LP gas engine and 45 of these were built.

The LP gas engine wasn't available until the 1954 model year.

The 50 and 60 tractors were introduced to Deere dealers on June 11, 1952.

The number 800 three point hitch came out as an option interchangeable
with the 50, 60 or 70 tractors; although it wasn't nearly as flexible
or convenient as the hitch on the 20 series.

Total production of the Model 60 tractor was about 61,000 units.
Of this number, about 655 were wide fronts, 872 were Orchard, and
202 were Hi crops.

Cost of a new 1956 Model 60 was $2,500.
Shipping weight was 5,300 pounds.

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