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The John Deere

Two Cylinder

50 Tractor

Only 27 horsepower but the Model 50 would work it's heart out for you.

John Deere Model 50 1952 to 1956 - much improved over the B

The John Deere Model B had served the farmer well but the
time had come for Deere to make some major improvements
which were introduced as the new John Deere Model 50

Variations of the John Deere Model 50 Row Crop Tractor were
only because of the front end; there was a tricycle with
conventional or Roll O Matic, a single front wheel, and an
adjustable wide front.

However the original Model 50's carried over the N and W
designations from the M series, but these two letters were
dropped in 1953. 401 Model N's were built and 133 W's.

A unique variation of the Model 50 was built for the Barber
Greene Company. They attached their 550 Windrow Loader to
the 50 with a single front wheel. About 200 of these Barber
Greene specials were built. The tractor was painted the
Barber Greene green color.

The Original Model 50 tractor was rated at 27.49 drawbar and 30.97
belt horsepower, slightly more for LP gas and less for all fuel at
1250 rpm.

Bore and stroke was 4 11/16 x 5 1/2 inches.

Our Restored 1953 John Deere Model 50 Tractor

In 1954 the Models 50, 60 and 70 became the first row crop tractors
equipped with optional factory installed power steering.

These models also offered a Deere first, duplex carburetion. Each barrel of
the carburetor fed an equal amount of fuel and air into each cylinder. Along
with the duplex carburetion was a new combustion chamber design called
cyclonic fuel intake. This design produced a cyclone like swirl of the fuel
in the chamber resulting in quicker starting, better fuel mixture, increased
power and better fuel economy.

Fuel options on the 50, 60 and 70 were gasoline, all fuel, and LP gas.

A water pump and pressurized cooling system was added to these tractors.

Live PTO and Live hydraulics were available.

Another industry first that appeared on these tractors was the rack and pinion
rear tread adjustment.

32,574 Model 50 tractors were produced. 731 of these were LP Gas.

Cost of a new 1954 Model 50 was $2,100.
Shipping weight was 4,435 pounds.

See our restoration project on the above Model 50 tractor

Dave showing his restored John Deere 50 Tractor

Our 1955 John Deere Model 50 Tractor

The above 50 was purchased from a neighbor who had just moved
close to us. The paint and tin is original. You won't find many tractors
this old with as near perfect tin as this one has. In fact the hood and
grill is probably worth more than the rest of the tractor.

Notice the custom made push bar we built for the front end. We used
this tractor a lot for pushing hay wagons into the barn. It has factory
power steering and factor fenders and runs like a little champ.

It's the best and smoothest running two cylinder gas we have except
for our 520. You can take the rpm's on this machine right down to
almost nothing and it will still just putt  putt.

With the tractor in such good original condition, we have no plans of
doing any restoration work on it. Tractors in this kind of original
condition are just too rare to make over.

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