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How to keep your Dog out of the Trash Can

Coming home from a long day at work to see trash strewn from
one end of your house to the other is a traumatic event, with the dog being primary suspect.

That may be one of those days in which you wonder where the
wisdom was when you decided to getting a dog.

You can stop this behavior though, and not have to keep
facing this kind of disaster area. Putting a few simple
steps in place to keep your dog out of the trash will make
for a more harmonious relationship between the two of you.

Start by trying to keep the dog from having the opportunity
to access the trash. This can be accomplished a few
different ways depending on where your trash is located. For
the simplest fix, you might keep the trash container inside
a cabinet or under a sink if space is available.

You can also rope off the area where the trash is kept with
gates, fencing or something similar. Not allowing the dog to
be alone in the same area with the garbage will avoid the
possibility of its being torn up. Also, if you have
something to put into the trash that is way too tempting to
a dog, such as chicken or steak bones, instead wrap them up
in a small bag and immediately put them into a well-covered
outside container to avoid temptation for your dog.

Some other ideas that have been used by dog owners include
buying a trash can with a tight locking lid that is
impossible for a dog to open. For some dogs this is easier
said than done …one trick people have tried is to put a
buzzer on the can so when it is opened it emits a loud noise
that the dog wants to avoid.

Whatever form your solution comes in, the reality is that
you have to stop your pooch from tearing up the trash. Not
only is it stressful for you but it is also unhealthy for
your dog and if he eats the wrong thing it could make him
very sick or even kill him.

Try out some of the tips above. Depending on what breed of
dog you have, its size and determination to eat the trash,
some may work better for you than others. You can probably
best decide based on the layout of your home and where you
keep the trash that attracts your dog which of these
solutions will be a good fit for your family.

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