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Some Tips on Taking Care of Kittens
By: Alfred and Miss Patches Marie Kitty

At three to four weeks of age the kittens will start being
weaned and start to eat solid foods. The mother cat will
usually have the kittens weaned between six to eight weeks
after birth. The kittens will eat solid food the rest of
their lives after being weaned.

Some mother cats will continue to take care of their kittens
until they reach sexual maturity, while others will scatter
their kittens after three months of age.

The kitten's gender is fairly easy to determine once they
are past six to eight weeks after birth. The male kitten's
urethral opening is round while the female's is a slit.
There is also more distance between the anus and the
urethral opening on the male than on the female kitten.

When kittens are exploring their environment they are often
clumsy and very playful. They often play with their litter
mates but if there is just one kitten in a household the
kitten will try to play with the human owners and objects
that are around.

Most of the playing is learning how to hunt and stalk prey.
It is important to keep an eye on a kitten when it is
exploring because often they will go into dark places and
hide, and this can sometimes have fatal results.

Most kittens are sent to different homes at six to eight
weeks of age. It has been suggested that this practice isn't
good for kittens and they should stay with the mother longer
for socialization and behavioral purposes.

When they have been taken away from their mother at too
young an age, some cats will develop a wool sucking or thumb
sucking habit. This habit is even occasionally seen in cats
that weren't taken away from their mother too soon.

In some place it is illegal to give away a kitten younger
than eight weeks of age. Some breeders will not allow their
kittens to be sold until the kitten is at least twelve weeks
of age. Buying a kitten that is more than six weeks old is
fine as long as the kitten was handled by people at a
younger age. If a kitten is not acclimated to people in the
first six to twelve weeks it often will never be as
affectionate a pet as it might have been, and may become a
shy cat. See our Kitten Care site for more kitten tips.

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