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Kittens are the young of cats. Most people adore
kittens as they are cute, furry and clumsy. The word
kitten is an old English diminutive of cat. It can also
refer to more than just the cat species and can include
the young of beavers, hedgehogs, rabbits, rats, skunks,
squirrels and other animals. But we are going to talk
specifically about cats.

A litter of kittens is born to a mother cat, called a
Queen, and usually number between two and five kittens
to a litter. The kitten will be born from the queen in
a fluid filled sac called the amnion which the mother
cat bites and licks off of the kitten after she chews
through the umbilical cord.

For the first several weeks of life the kittens are
fragile. They are born unable to walk, their eyes are
tightly closed, and they are unable to eliminate waste
from their bodies without stimulation from the mother
cat's tongue. They also are unable to regulate their
body temperatures and must be kept warm. Kittens that
are born in temperatures of less than eighty degrees
Fahrenheit (twenty-seven degrees Celsius) can die from
exposure if they aren't kept warm by the Queen.

The milk that a kitten gets from its mother provides
nutrition and antibodies, and keeps the kitten
hydrated. Newborn kittens require a lot of liquids or
they can't produce urine, and without proper nutrition
from the mother cat a kitten can die. Supplementation
with formula sometimes doesn't work either.

Seven to ten days after being born the kittens will
open their eyes. The eyes of a young kitten are blue,
no matter what color they will be when adult. The
retina of the kitten's eye is not fully developed and
its vision isn't very good. A kitten doesn't have good
vision like its mother until ten weeks after birth.

From two to seven weeks of age a kitten will grow very
quickly and improve its strength and coordination, and
begin mock fighting and exploration. They learn how to
clean themselves and play to develop their stalking
abilities and hunting.

The mother cat helps along these inborn instincts by
bringing the kittens freshly killed prey. After some
time the mother cat will take the kittens and show them
how to hunt by emulation.

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