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Considered to be the

Good Luck Cat, Korats

love to please.

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The Lucky Korat
From the Desk of Alfred and Baby Kitty

Korat cats are shorthaired domestic cats with slate blue-
gray coats of fur. They are small-to-medium built cats and
their body fat percentage is low. The body of the Korat is
semi-cobby and for their size they are surprisingly heavy.

The Korat is a stable cat breed that is one of the oldest in
the world. They originate in Thailand and are named for the
Nakhon Ratchasima province, often called Korat by the Thai
people. The Thai people also often call the Korat, Si-Sawat
which means the "Color of Sawat Seed".

The Korat is considered to be the "Good Luck Cat" by the
Thai people and were often given in pairs to newlyweds or
people of high esteem. Originally the cat was only given as
a gift and never sold. In the villages of the Thai province
where they originated, Korat cats were used as "watchdogs"
because their hearing and attentiveness let the owners know
when anyone was approaching.

Unfortunately, the local Korat population within Thailand is
no longer seen because during the Vietnam War United States
personnel brought their own cats to Korat and the local
population interbred with these cats. Purebred Korats now
exist primarily due to the diligent efforts of breeders
found mostly outside Thailand.

Distinguishing characteristics of the Korat include the
beautiful "blue" coat, (actually silvery gray but often with
a lavender undertone), their sweet heart-shaped heads and
the large green eyes. All purebred Korat cats have green
eyes at maturity, although the kitten's eyes may be a shade
of yellow. Also interesting is the fact that when a light is
shone into a Korat's eyes at night, their eyes shine green
rather than the more common red.

Korats are known for their excellent personalities. They are
active, intelligent and playful cats that form strong bonds
with people. Your Korat with follow you and try to
participate in all your activities. They also love to play
even through adulthood, and will "talk" to you with their
gentle voice as well as be good listeners.

Korats love to please, and praise will serve you well in
teaching simple commands to your intelligent Korat cat. One
owner tells of a time when she was working in the kitchen
and her Korat came in and began to nip her ankles and
repeatedly. Finally she decided to go see what it might want
and found her baby about to crawl out the open front door of
the house.

The Korat is a healthy "natural" breed with few genetic
problems. The plush coat has no undercoat and they shed
little. They are a great choice as a companion cat and do
well with children. This wonderful breed will no doubt grow
in popularity as it becomes better known here in the United

Picture Korat Cat

Korat Cat's: the Jane or James bond of the cat world
Dr. Jane Bicks

Properly aloof and often suspicious of strangers,
the Korat cat is a short hair, with its extraordinary agility and
fabulous silver blue coat, is a regular James or
Jane Bond on paws and is devoted to its owners.

If you're looking for an alert guard cat a
well bred Korat cat can't be beat.

Korat cats deserve nothing but the best in the way of
nutrition, and they should get it - on schedule.

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