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The only native Lark

is the Horned Lark

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The males of many lark species sing in flight, high above ground and
can have beautiful, prolonged songs.

Larks are not colorful birds; most are streaked with black, brown,
and buff on top, with white or buff underneath.

Most have slender bills.

They seldom perch in trees or shrubs but usually walk.

Food is seeds, insects, and small invertebrates.

They nest on the ground and use plants and feathers to construct
open cup-shaped nests. They lay 3 to 5 eggs.

Picture Horned Lark

There are about 90 species of larks found in Eurasia;
only the horned lark occurs in the North America.

The Horned Lark is commonly found in large fields, at the
shore or other open places.

The Horned Lark's song is weaker, high pitched and repeated
many times over, the winter call is even fainter.

Larks are members of the family of passerine birds

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