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A Simple and Easy way

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Leash Training your Puppy
From: Cute Puppy Dogs

What you need : A leash (dahhhh!) and a collar or harness. Some
people prefer a good harness to a leash because it is more
comfortable for the puppy, being on its back instead of around
the neck. I'd say it depends on your dog and what you prefer.
Personally, I love harness because when I started to train my
puppy, it used to jump all over the place, and when she got to
the end of her leash, it gave a hard shock to her neck. With a
harness, my puppy did not hurt her neck.

If your puppy seams to be afraid of the leash, try indoor
activities that fell good for the dog or put the leash beside its
food bowl for a while. Your puppy will see there is no danger and
will come to like the leash.

The first walk
It does not take long before your dog know that the sight of the
leash means a walk outside! And it usually means that your puppy
get very excited. This is why you need to start leash training
very quickly. But first, teach the sit and stay command to your
puppy. This way, you will be able to ask your puppy to sit and
stay while you put her leash on, making the start of the walk
easier. ( if you don't know how to teach the basic commands to
your puppy, you can read more about it or take a course).

The key to successful leash training puppy is consistency and
practice. Like everything else you try to teach to your puppy, she
needs practice, which mean you need to do it over and over, a bit

Reprinted with permission
Cute Puppy Dog
Copyright 2004
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