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The Intimate Language

of Lovebird Behavior


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A Beginners Guide to understanding Lovebird Behavior
By: Petey & Petunia

Lovebirds are not affectionate pets, in fact many will
become aggressive if you get too near. If you get an adult
bird, set in it's ways, they may never be able to be tamed.

Most hand raised lovebirds can become quite tame and do seem to enjoy
being affectionate with their owners. But also realize that
if a hen has chicks nesting, she can become very aggressive
and protective despite her past history.

As a general rule, lovebirds don't enjoy being handled.

Lovebirds love to chatter, they don't sing, if you want a bird
that sings, get an American Singer Canary. Sometimes they will
chatter all day long.

Lovebirds are not whistlers or talkers.

Like most parrots, lovebirds are willful. They are curious and
very active, and fascinating to watch. They are not big
at playing, but do enjoy amusing themselves with a variety
of antics.

Lovebirds like to nest in a safe and secure spot. In the wild
they often nest in cavities in trees. For the pet lovebird, get them a nest box where they can hide, and if they are breeding,
a nest box is essential.

Once a lovebird gets used to having a nest box, they will hide
at any signs of danger or alarm, and won't come out until the
coast is clear.

Many lovebirds soak their nesting material in water, which
doesn't harm the material, but does make for contaminated
water supply.

Lovebirds don't like riding in cars. They often get out of sorts,
stressed and refuse to eat. Lovebirds are not the type of pet
you take on vacation with you. If leaving, then get a pet sitter
or responsible person to look after your lovebirds while you
are gone.

Lovebirds generally snack a little bit at a time all day long.

They like to chew and gnaw on things.

Lovebirds take naps during the day.

They prefer to sit out in a gentle rain than in a bird bath.

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