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How to tell Male Lovebirds from Female Lovebirds
By: Petey & Petunia

Lovebirds are monomorphic, meaning the male and
female of the species look alike. These should be
considered as general rules for determining the
gender of a lovebird, not as absolutes.

* The female will sit on a perch with her legs spread
   further apart than the male.

* Hens tend to be sturdier and heavier in build.

* Males often have more intense coloring.

* Females bite harder.

* Nest building activity is stronger in the female.

* Males feed the female.

* Tail feathers flare differently when birds meet. Females show
   the tail feathers to be of the same length (straight across),
   males hold the feathers slightly nipped (rounded).

* Males sit outside nest box during the day

* Females sit inside nest box during the day.

* Females more aggressive protecting their territory.

* Females are usually dominate.

* Males sometimes abuse chicks.

The most reliable way is: females lay eggs.

If you cannot tell for sure which lovebird is male or female,
a veterinarian can order a DNA or lab test.

Females called hens, babies are called chicks. A group of eggs
is called a clutch, a group of chicks is called a brood.

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