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The Mockingbird and

Thrasher family of Birds

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The different types of Mockingbirds and Thrashers

Mockingbirds and Thrashers are long tailed, short winged, slender
billed birds.

Mockingbirds are known for their ability to imitate other
bird songs, thrashers repeat phrases fewer times and mimic less.

The northern mockingbird is about 10 in long, gray above and grayish
white to white below, with flashy white markings on the black wings
and tail. The slender bill, straight or slightly curved, is used in
feeding on insects, seeds, and fruits.

Most mockingbirds are tropical, which include eight species
found from Cuba and Mexico to southern South America, plus a group
confined to the Galápagos Islands.

The Socorro mockingbird found on islands in the Pacific Ocean, is an
endangered species.

Picture Northern Mockingbird

Thrashers are related to the catbirds and mockingbirds.

Thrashers are excellent singers, about 8 inches, and are tinted with
drab grays, browns, blacks, and white; some species have
spotted under parts.

Thrashers nest in thick bushes or tangles of vines. Nests are large,
composed of twigs and weeds lined with small rootlets and grasses.
They lay from two to six bluish-green eggs, marked with lavender and brown.

Food for the thrasher consists of insects and berries.

Picture Brown Thrasher

Mockingbirds and thrashers prefer brushy habitats, wood margins
or residential areas.

Mockingbirds & Thrashers belong to the order Passeriformes.

Types of Mockingbirds & Thrashers include:

Bendir's Thrasher
Brown Thrasher
Crissal Thrasher
Curve Billed Thrasher
California Thrasher
Gray Catbird
Le Conte's Thrasher
Long Billed Thrasher
Northern Mockingbird
Sage Thasher

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