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Tips on Picking

the Right Name

for your Puppy


Dog pet names for your female puppy or male dog
From: Cute Puppy Dogs

When we get a new puppy, no matter what dog breeds it is, we
always want to find the perfect dog names to fit with us, our
lives, our personality.

From June To Skye, our dog pet name story

A few months ago, I bought a cute little golden retriever puppy.
On our way to the breeder, we decided we would call her June. We
went in, found our little treasure and came back in the car.
After a while, we rethought about the name and ended up calling
our new puppy "Skye", partly because we work in the
travel industry.

Afterward, I asked myself why we had changed the name of our cute
little puppy dog after we saw her. It became obvious that you
cannot just choose a name like that, out of your head. You need
to see the puppy and play with her a little AND you need to
follow your gut feeling.

My mother had told me that, one day, she knew how to call me the
minute she saw me, even if my father and her had tried to find
names before I was born. I guess it is kind of the same thing
with a puppy!

Tips to choose dog pet names

- Keep the pet name very short, one or two syllable if possible,
so it is easier for the puppy to recognize it.

- Choose a name you can easily call out without blushing! I had a
friend who called her dog "ti-coune", a French word that mean
something like "stupid". Everything was find, everybody found the
puppy name was cute, until one day my friend had to go to the vet
with her dog Imagine that, you are in the waiting room and the
vet, who oftens call clients by their pet name, says clear and
loud "can STUPID come to my office please?" The same goes if your
dog is playing outside and you have to call it very loud make
sure the name you choose wont hurt your relationship with your

- Keep in mind you will have to train your puppy, teaching him to
SIT, NO, STAY, etc., so try not to choose a name that would sound
to much alike so your puppy does not get too confused.

- If you choose a long dog pet name, remember that, just like
human names, people will shorten it. Does the nickname sound good
as well?

- The pet breed can help you choose the name of your dog, so
finding information about the dog breed might be a good idea.

Reprinted with permission
Cute Puppy Dog
Copyright 2004

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