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Finding out the Truth on

Natural Biodegradable

Cat Litter

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Cat Litter of the Biodegradable Natural Type
By: Alfred

Natural and biodegradable cat litter is made from pine,
paper, wheat or corn. It is available in clumping and non-
clumping forms. This type of cat litter is excellent for
cats or humans who have allergies to dust. Many but not all
brands are flushable. This litter type provides moderate to
maximum odor control and is dust-free. It is easy to clean
up, is biodegradable, often flushable, and non-toxic.

Far and away the best cat litter, in our opinion, is the
natural and biodegradable cat litter made from pine, paper,
wheat or corn. It not only does not add dust to the air and
your floors, but it usually functions just as well if not
better than any other cat litter as odor control and it
poses no risk to your cat's health or your own. In fact,
there is one brand of litter that helps with your cat's
health by providing a light weight biodegradable litter that
also contains a special pH indicator that will alert you to
urinary tract infections in your cat by turning pinker the
higher the pH of the cat's urine.

Some types of biodegradable materials that are used to make
cat litter are wood shavings, wood pellets, and pellets made
of some combination of recycled paper, corn cob, wheat bran,
or dried orange peel.

Some pet owners prefer to use these types of litters because
they are environmentally safer; others are like the fact
that the litter can be flushed down the toilet rather than
having to be put into the garbage. Also, cats with asthma
may sometimes benefit from the reduced dust in some forms of
biodegradable litter.

Biodegradable litter that is labeled specifically for cats
is usually more expensive than traditional clay litters, but
pine pellets for wood stoves such as are found at many
hardware stores are identical to the pine pellets sold for
cats and are much cheaper.

Another advantage of using biodegradable litters such as
sawdust pellets is that they last much longer than clay
litter, up to two weeks per cat. Also, most of these types
of litter are recycled materials and so are reusing a waste
product as opposed to clay that must be mined, and which
doesn't biodegrade in landfills.

And, don't consider just the initial cost when choosing
whether to buy the biodegradable cat litter. Buying the
cheapest cat litter or using just sand may not be a savings
in the long run because you will have to change the cat
litter every week and sometimes sooner, rather than just
buying the more expensive biodegradable cat litter and
changing it once a week or every two weeks.

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