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Just exactly what is

Exotic Newcastle

Disease in Birds?


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Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) is a fatal disease that may affect
all avian species. This virus is the cause of one of the most
infectious poultry diseases in the world. It is so virulent that
many birds die without showing clinical signs. In nonvaccinated
flocks mortality may reach close to 100 percent.

The virus is not harmful to human health, although occasionally a
mild conjunctivitis (inflammation around the eye) may occur.
END constitutes a major threat to the US poultry industry.

It is easily transferred from infected to noninfected flocks by
mechanical means, such as on shoes, clothing, or equipment.
Exotic Newcastle affects the respiratory, nervous, and/or
digestive systems.

Infected birds may show any of the following signs:
1. Sneezing or difficult breathing
2. Nasal secretions
3. Green watery diarrhea
4. Depression, drooping wings, or paralysis
5. Sudden death

The threat of infection applies to all poultry and game birds; pet birds
such as parrots; and most importantly, in game chickens. Illegally
imported pet birds and fighting chickens constitute the greatest risk.

Gathering at events such as chicken fighting is very dangerous from a
disease prevention standpoint because participants may carry END virus
back to their home flocks, thereby causing their own birds to
become sick and die.

1. Do not keep or raise pet birds or poultry at home while you
are employed by a commercial poultry company. Make sure family
members donít do this either.

2. Avoid visiting other poultry operations.

3. Do not visit swap meets where poultry are kept, or patronize live bird

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