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The Life & Times of

Norwich Terrier Dogs


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Norwich Terriers love the farm life and chasing rats.
By: Tippy

The Norwich Terrier, also known as the Jones Terrier and
Trumpington Terrier, comes from England where it was a
ratter and farm dog. They were first registered by the
American Kennel Association in 1936. Norwich Terriers are
closely related to the Norfolk Terriers, (They were once the
same breed.), with the primary visual difference being that
the Norwich Terrier has pricked and straight ears while the
Norfolk's ears droop.

According to Norwich Terrier fanciers, the breed has most of
the virtues of the terriers - such as friendliness,
intelligence, and activity, without the common faults of
dogs of its type, such as nervousness and noisiness. They
also seem to be less prone to separation anxiety than many
other small dog breeds.

Terriers were bred to think for themselves and their
chasing, hunting and digging drives are strong, so obedience
training is a must. Norwichs are highly intelligent, and so
highly trainable, as long as you know how to train a terrier
and keep in mind their unique characteristics. Praise works,
punishment does not.

The Norwich Terrier is a small, active breed that can live
fine in an apartment as long as it is given daily walks. A
fenced yard would be ideal for exercise but be aware that as
with all terriers, the Norwich is a digger and if it gets
loose it will be off on its own investigations. The breed
still has a strong prey drive (They are excellent ratters
still.) and a Norwich Terrier should never be allowed to run
free in an unsecure environment.

Norwich Terriers do well with other pets and children if
they are raised with them and/or well socialized from
puppy hood. But because of the breed's prey drive, even if
your Norwich is well trained it is not recommended that it
be left unsupervised with smaller animals of a different

The adult Norwich Terrier stands about ten inches (twenty-
five centimeters) at the highest point of the shoulder
(withers) and weighs ten to twelve pounds (four and one half
to five and one half kilograms).

The insulating double coat of the Norwich is wiry, hard,
straight, and medium length and the thick undercoat sheds
lightly. The dog's coat should be brushed daily, which will
help to maintain a clean and healthy coat and will
strengthen its emotional bond with you. Stripping of the
coat may be necessary if your dog will be shown but little
care is required beyond brushing to keep mats from forming
and to keep down the she hair.

Norwich Terriers can live between twelve and fourteen years
if given excellent care.

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