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Recognizing the clinical

signs of Obesity

in Pet Birds


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How do you know if your Pet Bird is Overweight?

While there is no definitive answer, a pretty good ballpark figure
would be if a bird's body weight exceeds it's normal body weight
by 15 percent or more, it is likely to be obese.

Any bird has the potential to become over weight, but it is most
commonly seen in Amazons, Budgies, Macaws,

Why do Pet Birds get Fat?

Just like humans and other pets, birds become overweight
often for a variety and combination of reasons.

Why a pet bird becomes obese include:

* All seed diets, which are high in fat, will predispose the
  bird to obesity.

* Eating too many calories in relation to the bird's
  activity level

* Not enough exercise

* Eating an excess of carbohydrates

* An excess of insulin produced in the body

What are the Health Risks for a Bird that is Overweight?

Obese birds have an increased risk of many diseases, including
arthritis, heart disease, and cancer.

Many obese birds develop hepatic lipidosis, also called
Fatty  Liver Disease. These birds become extremely susceptible to
infections and stress; many obese birds have been known to die
just from the stress of an examination at the veterinarian's office.

Obese birds have a higher anesthetic risk than normal weight birds.

Breeding success can be decreased in obese birds because of infertility.

How can a Bird Lose Weight?

Switching birds from an all-seed diet to a more suitable diet
consisting of pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruit will decrease
its daily intake of calories. And, also allow your bird
to enjoy a higher level of nutrition.

Be careful when switching to a new diet. Do it slowly over
several weeks

Providing the pet bird with a daily exercise period outside
it's cage. Bird's burn a lot of calories flying around.

Pure, fresh water is important for the bird. Don't use
tap water, we recommend only steam distilled or reverse
osmosis water. Tap water has chemicals in it and well water
typically has high amounts of mineral. The bird's liver
must detoxify the water before sending it to the cells.

Steam distilled water is already 99.9% pure, so there
is more energy left to be used for other metabolic functions.

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