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Snoopy, and Sally - You Will Love These
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Peanuts Comic Strip

The "Peanuts" comic strip is a syndicated comic strip that
can be seen in many newspapers every day. This comic strip
was illustrated and written by Charles M. Schulz. The comic
strip ran from October 2, 1950 to February 13, 2000, which
was the day after Schulz passed away.

Even today the "Peanuts" comic strip is run as reruns in
newspapers across the United States. "Peanuts" is considered
to be the most influential and popular comic strip. It has
seventeen thousand eight hundred ninety-seven strips
published and is considered to be the longest story ever
written by a human being.

When "Peanuts" was at its most popular it ran in two
thousand six hundred newspapers with three hundred fifty-
five million readers in seventy-five countries and was
translated into twenty-one different languages.

"Peanuts" quickly became the standard for four-panel gag
comic strips in the United States. Schulz earned more than
one billion dollars from the comic strip and associated
merchandise. Reprints of the comic strip are still run in
newspapers even today.

"Peanuts" is featured in quite a number of television
specials that have achieved considerable success. These
features include: "The Great Pumpkin", "A Charlie Brown
" and "Charlie Brown". These cartoons have been
nominated for and have even won Emmy's. The cartoon movie
specials are still shown on ABC in the United States during
the related holiday seasons.

The property is also a landmark in theatre with the stage
musical, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", being an
extremely successful and often performed production.

""Peanuts"" has been described as "the most shining example
of the American success story in the comic strip field",
which is perhaps ironic since the story is based on the
theme of Charlie Brown as a failure. Charlie Brown is meek,
nervous and lacks self-confidence, and is unable to
successfully fly a kite, win a baseball game or avoid a
practical joke.

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