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What kind of Bird makes the Best Pet?

The answer to which bird is the best choice and is right for you is not
easy but this guide should help you make the best choice.

Some people enjoy a bird that sings, such as a canary. Others would
like a talking bird such as a parrot, parakeet or mynah. Many folks
like birds such as pigeons which are used in sport.

Should you get a young bird or an old bird?

Having a bird as a pet is a commitment and should be taken seriously
for the benefit of the bird and your family.

Some questions to consider before bringing home a pet bird:

1. How much money do you have to spend on owning a pet bird?

2. How much time can you spend daily with your pet bird?

3. How much time do you have for taking care of your pet bird?

4. How does the other family members feel about keeping a
    pet bird in the house?

5. If you go away for lengths of time, is there someone who can
    take care of your pet bird for you?

6. Do you have other pets which may not be compatible with your pet bird?

7. Are you willing to find out and do what it takes to keep a pet
    bird healthy and happy?

8. Will a bird cage or play gym fit into the decor of your home?

9. Pet birds can often be noisy and messy, can you put up with that?

Keeping Birds as Pets does cost money

There may be the initial cost of the bird, plus your pet bird will
need a sturdy and large enough cage. Then there's the cost of veterinarian
visits for health checkups. Your pet bird will need toys in his cage
and sometimes even a companion bird. Then there's accessories like
water and feed bowls, and don't forget the on going cost of food.

Is a Showoff: Amazon or Macaw
Talker: African grey or parakeet
Can do tricks: Macaw or Amazon
High Energy: Caique or Quaker
Quiet: Pionus

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