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Marvelous Pet Health Care Products

Pet Health Care Products for Dogs and Cats you
can rely on to work Effectively and Safely
to help your precious pet have a better life.

Our Pet Health Care products help the pets you love
to smell better, look better and even live longer.

Your petís health care is important
Ė including their oral health Ė is the best reason to
experience our Pet Health Care Products.

Health care products for dogs and cats you can depend on to work!

From non-toxic solutions that destroy odors to nutritional
formulas that help your pets adapt to stress, our Pet
Health care products are recommended by veterinarians, breeders,
groomers, avian professionals and pet lovers everywhere!

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Our Pet Health Care Products for Dogs and Cats

     Primorye Pet

Powerful, non-toxic anti-stress adaptogenic formula that
works at the cellular level to protect your pet from the
damaging effects of stress. Primorye Pet strengthens the
body's natural defenses, normalizes cell functions and
maximizes physical endurance. You can easily mix it into
your petís food.

     Mellow Out Pet Relaxant
Because of "Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant, you can
help your dog or cat can deal with the stress associated
with trips to the veterinarian or groomer or the stress
of being separated from you.

This amazing product eases tension without harmful side
effects and contains natural ingredients.

     Pet Antioxidant

Revitalize your petís energy and mobility while you protect
them from the effects of free-radical damage. This amazing
wafer formula supports pets with suppressed immune systems,
tissue injury, arthritis, joint inflammation and pets
recovering from surgery.

     Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

Pet bad breath can keep you from being close to the animals
you love. But doggie breath can also be a symptom of a more
serious problem.

Left unchecked, the resulting bacteria can enter the
bloodstream, causing infection or damage to vital organs
such as the kidneys, lungs, heart or liver. Thatís why this
pet disease has been the called the "Silent Killer of Pets."

Proper pet oral health care may extend the life of your pet
by two to five years. Our pet health care products offer
simple, effective oral hygiene for your pet, starting with
Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. This tasteless, odorless solution
is easily added to your petís drinking water to promote
healthy gums and eliminate bad breath odors.

     Pet Gel

When your pets explore their world, they use their mouths.
Depending on their environment, this can lead to bad breath,
red or bleeding gums, tartar build-up or loose teeth. Pet
Gel is a soothing blend, formulated to heal, condition and
deodorize your petís mouth. It can also be used on open
wounds and abrasions. You can use the gel as a pet
toothpaste or simply rub it on to your petís gum line.

     Pet Ear Cleaner Solution

Dirt and wax accumulation in the outer ear and ear canal can
lead to infections and discomfort for your pet. If your pets
are rubbing or scratching their ears regularly then get
close to them and have a look. Pet Ear Cleaner will gently
loosen dirt and wax from your petís ear with a solution that
is both soothing and deodorizing.

     Pet Shampoo

For a beautiful coat and long-lasting clean, Pet Shampoo
delivers a pH-balanced conditioning formula that cleans and
deodorizes. Because there are no harsh chemicals, you can
use this shampoo every day.

     Pet Deoderizer

Rid yourself of pet odors completely Ė on or around your
pets. Pet Deodorizer vaporizes odor-causing molecules on

     Air Purification Units

Is your family protected from dust, pet dander, spores and
other allergens? What if you could eliminate 97 percent of
all airborne bacteria in your home and office? Well, you
can. With this Air Purification. Help your pets breathe


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Complete money back Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with any
of our Pet Health Care Products, your money
will be refunded.(30 Day Money back Guarantee)

A no risk way for your pets to experience
better health and well being.

Health care products for dogs and cats you
can rely on to work Effectively and Safely.

Dave Cole, Independent Distributor for Oxyfresh.

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