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The Health and Well

being of Pet Finches

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Finches do not really enjoy interacting with people, much
preferring the company of a fellow bird. Finches can be
kept as a single pet, but it's not recommended.

Finches love to have visual contact with people, however,
typically do not like to be handled.

Talking and whistling to a pet finch will be enough
interaction for them. They are not good at talking,
learning tricks or cuddling.

Facts about Pet Finches

A Pet Finch's lifespan is about 5 years
They are about 3"-5" in length
Finches come from Asia, Africa and Australia.

The most common finches are the Zebra, Lady Gouldian &
Australian Grass Finches

Minimum cage size is 12"W x 12"L x 15"H

Provide perches of different widths, diameters and textures
to help keep her feet healthy.

Place a finch's cage off the floor, away from drafts, open
windows and the kitchen. Finches are sensitive to
smoke and strong odors. Cover the cage at night to prevent drafts.

Finches like to sleep in wicker nests. Put clean grass
hay or straw inside the cage and they will use it to line their
nests. To avoid fights, there should be several more nests than
birds inside the cage.


Editors Note:

One of our very caring finch lovers wrote us an email we would
like for you to read that contains some excellent advice:

Thank you for your wonderful website - I am a zebra finch lover and was
surfing for some general health information when I stumbled upon it
today. Lots of good stuff!

One thing I wanted to ask - would you please consider modifying the
finch's "minimum cage size" from "12"W x 12"L x 15"H" to something
bigger? The finches really need something that is a minimum of 30" long
so they can get the exercise they need. Since becoming a finch lover
I've found that so many people innocently house them in cages that are
too small, resulting in aggressive, neurotic, unhealthy birds.
Pet stores tend to carry the aesthetically pleasant cages that are
narrow and tall - so they do not discourage the use of these for
finches, since they want you to buy the cage from them too!


What to Feed Pet Finches

Pet finches need 1-2 teaspoons of a pellet or seed-based,
fortified finch diet each day.

About 5-10% of a pet finch's diet should be bite sized fruits and
veggies like apples, bananas, grapes, sweet potatoes, broccoli,
spinach, dandelion, mustard greens and shredded carrots. Offer
daily or every 2-3 days.

Keep a cuttle bone in your finch's cage at all times. Also,
occasionally give your finch small mealworms.

Finches should always have access to clean, fresh water in a
bowl. Don't use tap water. We recommend Steam Distilled water
for it's purity.

How to know if a Finch is Healthy

Clear, bright eyes
Clean, smooth feathers
Eats throughout the day
Normal droppings that are not runny for more than a couple of days

Watch for these if a Pet Finch may be getting sick

Decreased appetite; weight loss
Decreased activity and grooming behavior
Discharge from nose or mouth; sneezing
Feathers fluffed for prolonged periods of time
Sitting at the bottom of cage

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