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Pet Oxygen Masks

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In the event of an emergency paramedics and EMS do
have certain equipment that can be life saving for your dog
but won't quite fit a pet well. Of course you might buy a
pet oxygen mask and tank to keep on hand, but there is a
simpler and less costly fix that you might consider.

The main piece of human equipment that is most often used by
professional emergency personnel to help animals is the
oxygen tank. If there is a house fire, clean oxygen is
really important for anyone who has been exposed to fire and
the soot and smoke associated with it. This is true for your
pet as well; however the EMS may not be able to give your
pet oxygen without a special mask attached to his tank.

Although most firefighters and EMS would love to be equipped
with these specialized masks for your pet, budget restraints
often just don't allow for it.

That is where many animal lovers and activists have chosen
to fill the void. There are several programs that allow you
to donate these lifesaving masks to your local EMS
providers. The campaigns have been very successful too; they
have managed to put pet oxygen masks in ambulances from
coast to coast across the United States.

Most people agree that the work of these agencies is not
done until every municipality across the US has these pet
oxygen masks on their trucks as standard equipment.

There are several ways to get involved and make that a
reality. You can buy and donate the masks yourself for your
local fire department or EMS station or you can get the
community involved in donating money or in holding a
fundraiser to get this important equipment for your

Veterinarians have been using pet oxygen masks for years,
but local municipalities are just catching onto the fact
that it would be great to treat all the members of the
family on the scene, including family pets. So, figure out a
way to be a part of the solution in your community and many
pets' lives can be saved, maybe even the life of your own
pet one day.

Contributions to Best Friends Cause for Paws campaign come from
people of all ages and walks of life: from elementary school
students to volunteer firefighters to families concerned about
their own pets. Individuals and community groups have contributed
almost $16,000 so far, and community support is so strong that
another 1,000 sets of masks are on order. For more information
about the campaign, visit the Pet Rescue Masks page of Best
Friends website at

Debra Bennetts
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