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Pet Tracking Devices
Mariangie Gonzalez

It was the Saturday morning of August 20, 2004 and my two kids
saying that they couldnít find our cat Nala anywhere waked me up.
I didnít pay much attention, because it was common for her to
find a new hiding spot and sleep there for hours.

Hours later we realized she was really missing and we started to
search for her. We looked all over the house, inside the closets,
behind furniture, and then we got outside and looked on the
trees, in the playground, around the pool, everywhere! We placed
flyers around the neighborhood, she was never found.

Now I ask myself, how many of us have gone through that
experience and think we donít have an alternative to those

Well, we do! Pet Tracking Devices, thanks to the miniaturization
of GPS receivers and mobile phone modems even they can carry
devices that allow them to be tracked by the owner. There is not
yet a great choice of devices, but this probably will change
rather fast and even though all actual (August 2004) existing
devices are too heavy for domestic cats. It is believed that 2005
will bring several solutions for this problem. But if you own a
dog, this may be a solution.

GPS Pet Tracking devices consist of a GPS receiver and a GSM
modem. In some of the models data, sent to the secure website via
a GSM network, can be accessed by the owner directly or through a
call center. With other devices you simply call the telephone
number of the GPS-GSM dog collar with your mobile phone. The GPS
receiver in the collar calculates the position of the dog and
sends the co-ordinates immediately in a SMS text to your mobile
phone. Other models work as a wireless, electronic pager device
that easily and remotely monitors the location of pets via the
Internet anywhere in North America. The locations can be reported
to email, pager, cell phone (as text message) and website.

The prices of GPS Pet Tracking devices start from $499.99, but
there are some inexpensive solutions such as radio tracking,
which works in a similar way to the find button on your
telephone, you press a button and the device on your petís collar
emits a sound to alert you on the location.

Missing a pet can be as painful as missing a family member, so
take precautions and keep your pet protected at all times, and if
your budget allows, consider acquiring a GPS Pet Tracking device
it is the most effective tool available today, hopefully in a few
years a tracking chip can be implanted under your petís skin,
much like the pet identification chip, but until then, keep your
pet safe!

Mariangie Gonzalez has a major in Animal Science and
Pre-Veterinary and runs the day-to-day operations of her
home-based business and website in which you can learn how
homeopathic remedies could prolong and improve your petís life.
She can also help you start your own home-based 100% natural pet
supplies business, you can visit online at:

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