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Pharaoh Hound's

One of the Oldest

Dogs in History

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Pharaoh Hound - The Dog that Blushes
Brought to you by: Tippy

The Pharaoh Hound is a calm, brave, independent,
intelligent, loving, loyal, peaceful, playful, pleasant,
quiet and well behaved dog. They love to play outdoors and
are peaceful indoors. They adore children but tend to be
reserved with strangers. These dogs will be calm if provided
enough exercise throughout the day.

The Pharaoh Hound blushes when excited, which is truly their
unique trait. The nose and ears turn a deep rose color.
These dogs aren't too difficult to train but it should be
kept in mind that they are hounds; consistency and patience
are needed to train these dogs. When trained well they can
do competitive obedience.

Be sure to socialize your Pharaoh Hound dog well from an
early age to prevent later timidity. Some male Pharaoh
Hounds may have a problem with dominance issues towards
other male dogs but in general they get along with other
dogs. Be sure to correct any dominance behavior when it

These dogs are very fast and love to chase, they should not
be trusted around smaller animals and pets. Do not allow
this dog off the leash unless it is within a safe and secure
area or it may take chase and be gone.

The Pharaoh Hound is both a scent and sight hound and will
use its sense of smell up to a limit to search for its prey.
When the prey animal runs, the sight hound instincts come to
the fore and the dog will give chase. This dog breed makes a
good guard dog. They have been known to be fine around goats
and sheep. They also make good gundogs to flush and retrieve

The male dog stands twenty-three to twenty-five inches in
height. The female can reach twenty-one to twenty-four
inches tall. Both male and female weigh between forty-five
and fifty-five pounds. They have a life expectancy of
between eleven and fourteen years.

This dog breed is a very hardy, healthy breed. However,
Pharaoh Hounds are also known to be very sensitive to
insecticides and medicines. Be sure to let your veterinarian
know this before any treatments.

When given enough exercise the Pharaoh Hound will do fine in
an apartment setting. They are a relatively inactive breed
indoors but should have a large yard to play around in when
they want to exercise. These dogs are sensitive to cold and
shouldn't be made to sleep outside in cold weather. They
prefer to be with their family. This dog can jump very high
be sure to have a very high fence that is well secured.

This dog likes to run and chase. Allowing this dog off the
leash in a secure area that has plenty of space is a good
idea. They will also happily run alongside you while you are
riding on a bike. These dogs are runners and fit best with a
human who likes to run or bike. Be sure to use proper leash
etiquette when walking this dog.

This dog needs very little grooming. A rubber brush run over
them to remove dead or loose hair occasionally is all that
is needed. Bath or dry shampoo this dog only when necessary.
These dogs are clean and have no dog odor. This breed sheds

Pharaoh Hound

Some More Info on the Pharaoh Hound
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Pharaoh Hound is said to be one of the
oldest domesticated dogs in recorded history.

It is similar to the other large, smooth haired
hounds, and thus has similar nutritional requirements.

Since it's beautiful amber eyes are one of it's
greatest assets, deter cataracts by starting
antioxidants at 2 years of age.

Antioxidants & Dog Food  for Pharaoh Hounds

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