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Puppy Potty Training Tips
From: Cute Puppy Dogs

Teach a specific word Each time you want your new puppy to
poop or urinate, try to repeat the same word over. You can use
whatever words you want, like "go poop" "go potty". By repeating
the same words each time, it will become another command for your
puppy, and she will be able to do it when you mention the

2. Take her to the same spot every time. If you have had other
dogs, or talked with other dog owners, you know that when a dog
go pee on one spot on the carpet, they go back exactly at the
same place over and over. Why? Because they recognize the smell,
and it tells them to go back there. Now, knowing this, you need
to do two things : take your dog outside for its pee/poop, and
take her exactly at the same place each day. Your puppy will
recognize her smell and know she has do pee there.

Second, if your puppy pees somewhere inside, by accident, make sure you
clean the floor or the carpet thoroughly so the smell really goes
away. At first I used windex to clean a pee spot but it did not
work. My puppy kept going back. A friend of mine gave me a bottle
of pet odor remover and it is the only stuff that worked well in
my house. This is where you see its true that a dog sense of
smell is so much more developed then ours!

3. Confine your puppy for the night. Usually, your puppy will not
pee in its own bed, so it is better to confine her in a box or a
crate, with not a lot of space around her dog bed. Make sure you
take your puppy out first thing in the morning though, and not at
10am! Your puppy might not be able to hold all night, but she
will learn quickly that she has to do it outside.

4. Watch your dog a lot : you can't really expect your puppy to
knock on the door when he wants to go outside to pee. The best
thing of course is to have a dog door so your puppy can go
outside herself, but if this option is not possible, try to
observe what your puppy does before he pees, and take him outside
as soon as you see the sign. You can also teach your puppy to ask
for the door, but that might take some time.

5. Take your puppy out right after a nap or before you play with
her. Your puppy needs to pee or poop in those situations.

6. Just like you would do with your kids (and yourself
probably!), stop giving water to your puppy a few hours before
sleep time. This is a great way to avoid night pee, but cannot be
applied if it is very hot in your area and your dog might get
dehydrated. If it is the case, leave water all night round.

If your puppy poop or pee in the right spot, tell her! Use
your happy voice, your puppy will know she did it right and will
want to do it right the next time.

Reprinted with permission
Cute Puppy Dog
Copyright 2004

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