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How much Protein does your Dog or Puppy need?

Protein Requirements for Puppies and Dogs
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

Protein is the foremost dietary structural material for
all mammals, including dogs and puppies.

Protein is essentially a combination of amino acids - building 
blocks that from thousands of different proteins (which
perform specific functions).

Every different amino acid configuration corresponds to
a different protein, including enzymes, hormones, genes,
red blood cells, hair, skin, bone, and muscle.

The nine essential amino acids an adult dog must obtain
from food are: isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine,
valine, histidine, methionine, and tryptophan.

Puppies require an additional essential amino acid, arginine.

If you've determined that your dog needs additional protein,
the first thing you have to look at is the food you're feeding
him. Although I always recommend that you change to a food
containing high quality protein before you start supplementing,
giving your dog treats such as dried liver or brewer's yeast
is permissible.

The important information you need is the type of protein
contained in the food.

While a leather shoe may contain 100% protein, most of
it is unusable protein. The amount of usable protein is usually
expressed in terms of biological value.

Foods containing many cereal proteins (wheat, corn,
barley) have little biological value; while muscle meats, eggs,
and organ meats such as liver have a high biological value.

The most common reasons people supplement protein beyond
the minimal daily requirements is to improve skin and coat,
general body composition, to help with pregnancy or lactation, 
and to help puppies grow.

Feeding a professional alternative dog food, (see my
recommendations below) with the addition of a Daily Supplement,
can turn a dull, brittle highly shedding coat into silk.

This is why many breeders add eggs or brewer's yeast to
their dog's food. Both are protein rich, while brewer's yeast
also includes a wide array of B vitamins and minerals known
as coat enhancers. A shiny coat generally indicates a 
healthy mom and puppies.

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