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Pterodactyls had an

incredible wingspans

of up to 40 feet.

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Pterodactyls had a wingspan of anywhere between a few inches
up to over 40 feet long. Pterodactyls are believed to have
flown long distances using large wings. They had
above average eyesight to help them catch their prey.

Pterodactyloids could flap their wings and fly with power,
but the largest ones probably relied on updrafts and breezes
to help in flying.

Pterodactyls are classified as pterosaurs or flying reptiles,
because they do not have an upright stance like dinosaurs.

Pterodactyls lived in the late Mesozoic period, about 251
to 65 million years ago

Pterodactyls were suited well for flying. They had very light
hollow bones and wide leathery wings. The body was long and very
thin. Pterodactyls had good eyesight which was important for
finding food. They were meat eaters and ate fish and other
animals caught from the waters and also were land scavengers.

The largest pterodactyl found so far is Quetzalcoatlus.

Pterodactyls lived in many parts of the world. Pterodactyl
fossils have been found in America, Europe, Africa,
and Australia.

They flourished for many millions of years before they became
extinct about 65 millions years ago.

Pterodactyl means winged finger.

Some pterodactyloids include:

Pterodactylus, a small pterodactyloid with a wingspan of about
20-30 inches. It lived during the late Jurassic on lake shores.

Dsungaripterus, a pterodactyloid about 10 feet wide leathery
wings. It had an unusual bony crest running along its snout and
had long, narrow, curved jaws with a pointed tip. It lived during
the early Cretaceous period.

Pteranodon, a pterodactyloid about 6 feet long, had a 25 foot
wingspan. It lived during the late Cretaceous period.

Qteranodon, a pterodactyloid which had a wingspan of 40 feet
but only weighed about 110 pounds. It lived during the late
Cretaceous period.


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