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Recognizing Puppy

Development & Growth


Written by Mike Yeager

Puppy development and growth is very exciting. After a puppy gets
over its fear of its new surroundings, it will become very
curious. People sometimes leave their puppy for a few minutes,
come back and can't find it anywhere. If you can't find your
puppy, remember to look under the furniture and in small corners.

Also, don't leave small items that your puppy might choke on
lying around.

Puppy development does not need to be a mystery. It might take a
little while to housetrain your puppy, and you may also have some
furniture that is slightly chewed. Remember that your puppy is
still learning and be patient with it. No matter what breed your
puppy is, it is sure to be a source of fun and enjoyment to the
whole family.

Tips on understanding Puppy Development.

It is important to do all you can to increase your puppies
development. Regardless of what breed of puppy you have, be sure
to play with it and encourage it. A puppy that is lazy and is
never played with will grow into a spoiled, lazy, and unpleasant
dog. Having another puppy to play with might also increase puppy

Be sure to reward your puppy with dog treats and dog toys when it
is being good. With the right puppy development, your puppy will
grow into a fine, healthy, and energetic dog that you will enjoy
for years.

Mike Yeager, Publisher -

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