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Can you please tell

me what Vaccinations

my Puppy requires?


Puppy Vaccines assure Wagging Tails and Wet Noses
Charles Burke

When you get a new puppy it is imperative that he receive all his
proper puppy vaccines. These protect him from getting diseases if
he becomes exposed to them.

When the pet doctor injects a vaccine into your puppy, it
"teaches" the pupís immune system what a disease organism looks
like. But the vaccine contains only weak or dead versions of the
organism, so the puppy's immune system learns to recognize it,
but without the danger of serious infection.

Later in life, if the organism ever attacks, the puppyís immune
system is already prepared to fight it off because of the

When a puppy receives a puppy vaccine, his body forms antibodies
that can fight that particular disease. With the antibody already
in the puppyís system, it will have a better chance of fighting
off the infection.

Puppies should receive their puppy vaccines beginning when they
are under the age of four months. Your vet will know which
vaccines to give, and in what order.

It's also important to give booster shots. These keep the puppy
vaccines current. You need to do this so that your puppy's
immunity continues to be strong. Some vets have a reminder
system, and will phone you or send out a postcard to let you know
when it's time for booster shots. However, it's good if you also
keep your own records of all shots, medical treatments and puppy
vaccines, so you'll know when itís time.

If you have questions about the puppy vaccines, be sure to ask
your vet for more information. Your vet will know which vaccines
your puppy should receive, no matter when or where you purchased
or adopted your pet. When you adopt or purchase a puppy, remember
to ask if he has received any of the puppy vaccines. Some
breeders and pet shelters are very responsible and make sure that
the first puppy vaccines have already been given.

It's also important to keep in mind that giving puppy vaccines is
not successful 100% of the time. Some puppies have weaker immune
systems. This means that a puppy can come down sick with a
disease even if he has received all the proper puppy vaccines at
all the right times. If your puppy seems to be ill, even if he
has received all his vaccines, donít hesitate to contact your

It is very important for the health of your puppy that, in
addition to receiving all his puppy vaccines, you also need to
keep a careful eye on how your puppy is feeling and acting.

This will help you keep your pet alive, healthy and happy for
many years to come.
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