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Introducing social

Robot Dogs

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The newest addition at boarding kennels and other
places dogs like to meet is the robot dog which
shows us we want to keep our dogs happy.

People have been working with robot dogs and their real
counterparts for a long time, however only recently have the
benefits of socialization between dog and robot dogs begun
to become known, and that has made Robot Dogs more commonly
found at places like kennels.

Dogs have very strong social instincts and crave
companionship. A lone dog is a sad dog. When a dog is alone,
and especially when the dog is temporarily in a kennel, it
can be scary and a very unhappy time. The idea of the robot
dog is that if the dog has a friend to play and nap with to
it will help it to pass the time with less stress.

Robot dogs can be used to meet several needs for dogs and
their owners or handlers. They can be used for socialization
as we have already talked about. They give the dog someone
to play and pal around with. They can also be used for play
time; tests have shown that dogs love to play with their
robot counterparts.

Another recent discovery is that robot dogs can also be used
for dog training; in many cases a dog will emulate the
behavior of the robot dog. Dogs very much have a pack
mentality and want to be with other dogs and dogs will often
follow the lead of whichever dog takes charge. So when the
robot dog appears to obey the trainer's commands, the real
dog is more likely to obey as well.

A robot dog for play can be a very simple toy that you may
buy at any toy retailer. There are, of course also higher
end ones available that offer different programmable
features. Someone with the knowledge and know how could also
build a custom robot dog pretty easily.

As these robot dogs show up more places and are tested more
they will no doubt start to evolve. In the meantime, stick
with a purchased robot dog and see how your dog reacts, then
decide if you want something more sophisticated.

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