Commonly Asked Questions About Santa Claus

There's lots of mystery surrounding Santa Claus
and his world at the North Pole. Here we have
answered many of the questions about
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

What Is Mrs. Claus' First Name?

Mrs. Claus' full name is Jessica Mary Claus. Her mother picked her middle name after the mother of Jesus.

How Does Santa Deliver His Presents If There Is No Chimney?

At one time all houses had chimney's so this wasn't a problem for him. But when stoves were invented that didn't need chimneys, that presented a real problem for Santa.

To solve that problem, Santa called on his elf fairy
friends who have the magical ability to pass through walls. They were easily able to enter houses and leave Santa's gifts for the children. 

As more and more children were born, and the world's population grew to amazing numbers, Santa asked the help of parents  all over the world. Very often parents will leave a door or window unlocked so that Santa may enter.

In other cases, parents have asked Santa just to leave
the sack of gifts on the doorstep and the parents put the  gifts around the tree for him, this gives the parents a wonderful feeling by helping Santa to spread
joy and love to children all over the world by being a
part of The Magic of Christmas.

Why Doesn't Mrs. Claus Go With Santa on Christmas Eve?

Mrs. Claus is the brains behind the whole deal. You may have heard it said that, "Behind every great man, is a great woman".

There was never a truer thing spoken, especially where Mrs. Claus is concerned. Why if it weren't for her, there might not even be a Christmas. She is the one that keeps our spirits up and sees to the tactical and organizational details that must be taken care
of every single day around here. She is the one that makes sure that we take care of ourselves and don't ignore the truly important things in life. Why if we didn't have Mrs. Claus, I don't know what we'd do.

Is There More Than One Santa Claus?

No, there is only one true Santa Claus. But Santa has many, many helpers. Some of these helpers dress up like Santa during the Christmas Season to help Santa keep alive the spirit of Christmas

If There Is A Fire In The Fireplace, Why Doesn't Santa Get Burned?

When he comes down the chimney his magic freezes the fire until he steps out of it. His red suit was specially designed by the elves to smother the fire just long enough for him to get through it without getting burned. 

How Does Santa Fit Down A Chimney?

He was given the magical power to become small enough to fit down any chimney, along with anything he is carrying. He becomes like smoke and can go through the smallest cracks or openings. 

How Can Santa Keep Track of All The Boys & Girls?

Once upon a time, there were very few children in
the world. Santa made all the toys for these children
by himself and was able to keep a list writing it out
by hand.

With the invention of the computer, the record keeping
has been made very easy and efficient. Santa's elves
take care of all the record keeping and entry into
the main computer located in a special climate
controlled office in Santa's Village.

Early Christmas Eve, the elves print out a list for
Santa to follow, and also print out name tags on all the
individual sacks of toys for each boy and girl so
Santa doesn't get confused and give the wrong toy to
the wrong child.

It is believed that when the Microsoft Corporation
first was formed, the software programmers worked on
a very special, Top Secret Project for the North Pole.

Many people now believe that the software Santa uses
was developed by Microsoft, and in fact Santa was
so pleased with the software that he made a deal
with Microsoft and delivered their software packages
to thousands of stores and families, all of which
which made Microsoft and it's owner a very wealthy

Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft remains strangely silent
on these matters, but he does seem to grin a lot when
folks mention Santa Claus using his software.....

Why Doesn't Santa Get Old?

Santa did grow old to a certain age, but because of his
great love and gifts to mankind, he was granted the
Mantle of Immortality.

What Was The FIRST Toy Santa Claus Ever Made?

It was a hand-carved piece of wood that looked like a CAT,
Santa gave this wooden carving to a child, and all the
other children heard about this and wanted Santa to
make them one. He called this wooden carving a
toy.....the first time the word was ever used. From
that time forward children have called fun things
to play with toys.

What Languages Does Santa Claus Speak?

All of them. Especially on Christmas Eve.

How Long Is Santa Claus' Beard?

It was measured once and it was one and a half times
the length of a young elf.

Does Santa Have a Family?

Of course he does, besides Mrs. Claus and all the elves,
everyone who believes in him is part of his special family.

Does Santa Claus Get Any Presents Himself?

Oh, yes. He gets them often. The best gifts, in Santa Claus'
opinion, are the happy smiles of children and the joyful
looks in their eyes. The most very special gift he can
get is when he hears you say "Thank You" to your
parents and family for gifts they may give you!

Why Does Santa Claus Wear RED? 

Mrs. Claus made his RED suit from the very first day he
started to deliver toys on Christmas Eve and he has
worn it every since.

Red is a bright and cheerful color which fits Santa's
personality very well.

Can The Magic of Christmas Ever Stop? 

Unfortunately Yes.....Santa's Christmas Magic can stop only if Boys and Girls stop believing in him. Without children believing in Santa Claus there would be no need to deliver toys......and thus the Magic of Christmas would be no more.

What Can I Leave For Santa To Eat When He Comes To My House?

Santa likes cookies and milk, but really he will like anything you put out that you like.

Although he doesn't eat any reindeer meat. One time someone put out some octopus meat for him, he tried it, but decided to take it home to his cat, Lady Whiskers, she enjoyed the octopus meat a lot more than Santa did.

Does Santa Have Any Pets?

Yes in fact he does. All of the reindeer are his pets
and his one very special pet is his cat, Lady Whiskers.

In fact, Lady Whiskers is a good friend of Alfred,
one of the editors of Pet Care Tips. Every year for Christmas, Alfred  sends Lady Whiskers a Gift Certificate for one years  supply of Life's Abundance Premium Cat Food and a years supply of Gourmet Cat Treats!

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