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Litter Boxes that clean themselves? What's next?
By: Alfred

Back in the late '90s and early 2000s there came upon the
scene an innovation to cat litter, the automatic self-
cleaning cat litter box. But now that it has been on the
market for sometime there are many brands out there selling
this self-cleaning wonder, and you may be confused as to
which brand to buy and what litter to use.

Don't think that you have to use only a clay cat litter that
clumps. Any cat litter that clumps works well with an
automatic cat litter box. There are natural alternative
clumping litters out there that work just as well as clay
clumping cat litters and you may want to use the
alternatives rather than clay, especially if you have
allergies or a kitten that might eat the clay clumping cat litter.

There is also one cat litter brand that is supposed to lock
away the urine until the whole cat litter needs to be
changed in a month, leaving just the feces to be disposed
of. You might find that very helpful if you are on a limited

Most automatic cat litter boxes are designed so that when
your cat goes to the cat litter box to deposit its waste,
the box senses when the cat has left, and it will count so
many minutes, then a sifter will go from one end of the box
to the other scooping all waste products into convenient
disposable boxes.

The disposable box only needs to be changed once a week if
it is in a home with one cat, more often with multiple cats.
So you do not have to touch the cat litter at all until you
need to change all the cat litter once a month. (Please wear
gloves when you change the litter, and dispose of it in a
sealed plastic bag in your outdoor garbage can, to prevent
exposure to any infection.) The cat litter will still need
to be replaced with fresh litter once a month and the entire
cat litter box disinfected once it is emptied of the old

The convenience is in not having to remember to scoop out
the waste every day. The cat litter box does it for you,
significantly cutting down odors, as well as helping to keep
your cat actually using the box. Cats won't use dirty litter

Once you settle on the brand that you want to buy you can
bring it home and easily set it up and start using it right
away. No fuss, no muss anymore after this new innovation.
This invention has essentially taken cat litter disposal to
a whole new level and added it to the map of the
technological world. Now cats have become a convenience to
own and pet owners appreciate the effort. This puts the
cat's waste management essentially on par with a human's
toilet, and we may even one day see it happen that cat
litter is disposed of and disinfected all on its own without
human intervention whatsoever.

So, keep an eye on this little wonder of modern science. You
may find that soon your cat's waste won't even be an object
of concern, much less a stumbling block to cat ownership.

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