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The Proper Way

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Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu - Called the Chrysanthemum Dog
By: Tippy

The Shih Tzu is an affectionate, alert, clever, courageous,
gentle, happy, hardy, lively, loyal, playful, spunky dog
that is full of character. They respond well to consistent
and patient training. They make good watchdogs, and in
general they are good with people and other pets.

The Shih Tzu needs every human in the family to be the
leader and house rules need to be consistent and clear. When
they are treated properly they are sweet, easygoing and
trustworthy companions, but they do have a natural dignity
that doesn't suffer misuse well. These dogs can be snappish
if they become angry or surprised so this breed does not
necessarily do well with rowdy children. Every child should
be taught how to properly treat the dog.

The Shih Tzu has a long, straight coat that can reach to the
ground if untrimmed. It stands around eleven inches tall and
should weigh between nine and sixteen pounds for both male
and female. They can live fifteen or more years.

The Shih Tzu is sometimes susceptible to eye disorders, ear
infections and early tooth loss, as well as slipped stifle
and spinal disc disease. They have a tendency to snore and
wheeze because of their shortened nose, and this can also
cause respiratory issues. Do not over feed your Shih Tzu as
they tend to gain weight easily. Because they are small
dogs, some individuals can be difficult to housebreak but
early, consistent training will usually work well.

The Shih Tzu is a great companion dog and does fine in an
apartment setting. They are fairly active indoors and do
great with a yard to romp around in. This breed is sensitive
to heat, so on very hot days they should be walked after the
heat of the day has passed, and not for very long. Most seem
to love cold weather, even snow.

The Shih Tzu needs a daily walk for its physical and
psychological needs. Play takes care of a lot of their
exercise needs. They do fine in a safe, securely fenced

The Shih Tzu needs regular grooming that includes a daily
brushing with a firm bristle brush. When the Shih Tzu's hair
is kept long the hair on the top of the dog's head should be
put up into a top knot in order to keep it out of the dog's

Be sure to check and clean the ears and eyes regularly with
a damp clean cloth. There are special eye drops to put in
their eyes when needed to keep them clean. This dog breed
sheds very little to no hair or skin dander and they have
been known work well as pets for allergy sufferers if they
are groomed regularly.

Shih Tzu

Special Nutritional Needs for a Shih Tzu
Dr. Jane Bicks

The Shih Tzu, an elegant, big eyed, long haired
beauty, owes their coat to genetics.

A high quality protein and fat diet is a must to keep
that beautiful coat at its best.

A vegetable enzyme can be combined with the diet.

I give my Blessing to this - a Dining
Experience fit for Kings for your Shih Tzu

Their teeth need raw vegetables, and occasional
marrow bones stuffed with peanut butter to help
relieve their separation anxiety.

Calms by Hylandd's or chamomile tea with hone and
a biscuit may also help.

Exercise makes a difference in their musculature.

Don't forget to give antioxidants!

Delicious Natural Anti Oxidant Treats for Shih Tzu Dogs

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