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The Singapura Cat:

Happy, Playful &

wants to be your Friend

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The Tiny Singapura - The Little Cat with a Big Personality

The Singapura is a very small breed of cat that originated
in Singapore. These tiny felines usually max out at about 6
lbs at full adult size. This breed has large slightly
pointed ears and a short tail with a blunt tip. The breed's
coat features individual hair strands with alternating
sections of dark and light colors. The Singapura was noted
in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest breed
of domestic cat.

The Singapura was brought to the United States in 1975 by
Tommy and Hal Meadow after working in Singapore. The breed
was accepted for registration into the CFA in 1982 and by
1988 it was granted championship status.

Although these cats are small in stature they make up for it
with big personalities. They are touted to be very playful
in nature and carry their playful nature with them from
kittens to full grown adult. In addition, these cats are
said to be loving, smart and very friendly with people.

The Singapura are a relatively healthy breed of cat and
don't suffer from many chronic problems. The only thing that
really has to be watched is if your cat is pregnant this
breed is susceptible to uterine inertia which could lead to
the cat's uterine muscles being too weak to expel the
kittens. If this is the case you would need to have the
kittens delivered by a vet with a cesarean section. The
breeding pool for this cat is smaller than many other breeds
so making sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder when
buying this cat is a must.

The Singapura is a short hair breed and requires only light
grooming. Brushing the cat and nail clipping only has to be
done twice a month or so. This breed is also less likely to
shed so you won't find yourself taking cat hair off the
couch fives times a day.

The Singapura can also be a little mischievous. This breed
of cat is a people pleaser so you won't find it hiding under
the bed but you may find it opening cabinets to get to the
cat treats or scaling the cabinets on a curious adventure.
Either way these cats are all play all the time.

The tiny Singapura is a great breed if you are considering
adding a new feline to your house. If you take the time to build a
relationship with this cat you will find you have a friend
for life. This is a perfect companion cat for anyone who
wants to give one a loving home.

Picture Singapura Cat

Getting the Right Food and Nutrition for the Singapura Breed of Cat
Dr. Bicks

Small and shorthaired, developed by an American cat breeder,
the Singapura cat is very similar to the Abyssinian cat in
it's unique nutritional needs.

It's cat food must contain ample protein and balanced fatty acids
to meet high energy requirements and maintain a coat in
good condition.

Singapura cats can usually "free feed"; because they are so active,
they burn off extra calories - couch potatoes they are not.

What I would give my Singapura Cat to Eat

If using a supermarket cat food (not recommended) you must add
a well rounded daily supplement with vitamins, minerals, amino
acids and fats.

Hot milk before bed may help calm him.

Brewer's yeast or torula yeast given daily will supply the
B vitamins that could take the "edge" off this active cat.
Hops can be added, especially when the cat is particularly

Natural & Safe Relaxant for Singapura Cats

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