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The prehistoric feathered


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Sinosauropteryx is the first dinosaur fossil ever found that
showed evidence of having feathers.

Sinosauropteryx was not a bird but was a theropod dinosaur.
Sinosauropteryx could not fly; its feathers were probably used
for insulation and warmth.

Sinosauropteryx had downy feathers along its back and sides,
forming a resemblance of a mane on the back of its head.

It was a small dinosaur, only about 12 inches high, 4 foot
long and weighed about 5 to 6 pounds.

It walked on two legs and had two short arms along with
many sharp teeth. It was a meat eater.

Sinosauropteryx also had a very long tail, the longest (relative
to its size) of any theropod - the tail had 64 vertebrae. This
tail was probably used for balance and for making quick turns.


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