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Here's a Safe & Effective

Relief for Pet

Skin Problems

Soothing Mist is Safe and Gentle for pets over 6 weeks of age. Each batch of Soothing Mist is tested and certified bacteria and fungus free.

Does your Dog, Cat or Horse suffer from:

  • Hot Spots,
  • Irritated Skin,
  • Raw, Red, Inflamed Sore Skin,
  • Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin,
  • Excessive Scratching,
  • Excessive Biting,
  • Allergies,
  • Insect Bites

Skin is made up of three layers, one of which includes a network of interlocking protein fibers and blood vessels. The fibers contain zinc and vitamin C, among other nutrients.

The cells contained in these fibers constantly die and new cells replace themselves. This is the life cycle of healthy skin.

HealthyPetNet's New & Improved Soothing Mist enhances this natural life cycle and helps relieve common skin problems.

The foundation of this effective formula is aloe vera gel, zinc and vitamin C, ingredients that feed the cells contained in healthy skin. Plus, it contains special skin soothing and enhancing herbs.

It is non-toxic and will NOT harm your pets if they lick their coats after application.

Soothing Mist is made to work together with HealthyPetNet's Herbal Conditioning Shampoo and their Skin & Coat supplement.

The Soothing Mist and the Herbal Shampoo work "on the outside" to help the skin and coat, the Skin & Coat supplements for dogs and cats work "on the inside" by providing vital skin health nutrients like omega fatty acids and vitamin E.

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