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Some Cool stuff about the Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collies is genetically identical to the more well
known Rough Collie of "Lassie" movie fame except that their
hair is only about one inch (two and a half centimeters)
long. Although in some countries they are shown as two
separate breeds, both varieties may be born in the same

Adult Smooth Collies are up to twenty-six inches (sixty-six
centimeters) tall and weigh from forty-five to seventy-five
pounds (twenty to thirty-four kilograms). They have a level
back, deep chest, long, flat-topped head with a "sweet"
expression, and erect or semi-erect ears.

Their coats have has soft but very dense undercoat that is
shed profusely twice a year and moderately all year long,
and short, straight, harsh outer guard hairs. Acceptable
coat colors are:

1. Sable: (like Lassie) light gold to dark mahogany brown
2. Blue merle: silver-gray with black and tan marbling throughout the color
3. Sable merle: a merle coat that is light, stippled sable
4. Tricolor: black, white and tan

Merle dogs often have blue or parti-colored eyes, sables
have brown eyes. All collies have white markings, and some
have more white than other color. The chest at least is
usually white in purebred Collies.

Collies originated in the rough hillsides of Scotland, where
they were all around herding and farm dogs for many
centuries. It is believed that the Romans took shepherd dogs
to Scotland in the fifth century where they crossbred with
the local herding dogs to produce the original Collies. The
long, thick coated of the Rough Collie was invaluable in the
harsh winters of Scotland.

The original Collies probably looked more like the Border
Collie, but as the Collie became more popular some breeders
crossed in the English Greyhound for speed, and that is
likely the source of the modern Collie's longer head and
legs and the short hair of the Smooth Collie.

Although the beauty of the Rough Collie and its media
popularity have made the Rough the most popular variety in
the United States and many other countries, the Smooth
Collie is very popular on the farms of sunny Australia for
their high intelligence, excellent herding abilities and
wonderful temperaments. Collies are believed to be one of
the foundational ancestral breeds of the Australian

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