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Stargazing & Twirling

Disease in Birds


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Stargazing appears most frequently in finches. Stargazing
is sometimes also referred to as Twirling. The disease appears
to strike at random and without warning or past history of

Star Gazing is most common in Gouldian Finches but has been
seen in a few other species.

Signs & Symptoms of Star Gazing may include:

* Dizziness
* Throwing head back
* Rolling head from one side to the other
* Looking at the ceiling a lot
* Rolling head upside down
* Gradual loss of balance
* Sleeping with head between legs
* Circling

As disease advances:
* Larger amount of loss of balance/equilibrium
* Difficulty moving around in cage
* Inability to fly
* Inability to perch
* Inability to find food or water dish, resulting in starvation

The end result of stargazing is almost always death.

What Cause Stargazing / Twirling?

Actually, no one really knows for sure what causes star gazing in

birds. Here are a few theories that are out there:

* Viral infection
* Bacterial infection
* Yeast infection
* Chemical imbalance in body
* Vitamin and/or mineral deficiency
* Genetic predisposition
* Inner ear problem

Treatment for Stargazing

There really is no treatment that is effective on a large scale.
Just about any treatment you could imagine has been tried.

Here are three treatments for stargazing that have been reported
as being fairly effective.

1. The drug Nystatin

2. The drug Trimethoprim Sulfa (one drop per day)

3. Vitamin B 12. (one drop in mouth per day, 5 - 6 drops in
8 ounces water)

Breeders commonly cull birds with stargazing symptoms, and
if a bird is cured, they are not allowed to be bred.

Prevention of Stargazing

While there are no absolute certainties, we believe these steps
will go a long way towards prevention, and obviously in keeping
your bird in the overall best health possible.

1. Provide the best nutrition possible for your bird with the
variety it needs.

2. Pure, steam distilled water, kept fresh and uncontaminated.

3. Cage cleanliness.

4. Fresh, pure air.

5. Exercise

6. Love and interaction with your pet.

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