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Why in the

world do Dogs

Roll in Poop?

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How to Stop Dogs from Rolling in their poop.

When your dog chews your favorite shoes you are annoyed,
but when it decides to roll in poop you are also grossed out.
Your dog may think that is an awesome activity, but
you not so much, and with good reason. The reality is
that dogs naturally have some less than desirable behaviors.

The primary reason a dog rolls in smelly things is canine
instinct. In the wild it is beneficial for predators to not
smell like predators, and wild canines may roll in feces or
even on carcasses of dead animals. Domestic dogs still have
the instinct, but they may mistranslate it to rolling in
their own or the cat's feces, dead squirrels in the road, or
even spilled oil in the driveway.

No matter why your furry friend does it, it is just not
something we want our companion dogs to do in modern life.
Here are a few techniques to keep your dog from rolling on
smelling things. The first and obvious is to keep it on a
dog lead when you are out. That way if he starts to head for a
pile you can keep him away. If your dog plays a lot in a
yard he also poops in, clean up the piles often.

Another technique is to use a distraction of some kind when
the dog begins the behavior. An aluminum bottle or can,
filled with pennies or pebbles and the opening fastened
shut, thrown near (never at) the dog to startle the dog and
re-directing its attention when it begins an undesired
behavior is a common training tool used for retraining.
Others have suggested the use of an air horn to create a

But be absolutely sure of your dog's intentions before you
shake or blow to get its attention. If your dog is in fact
looking for somewhere to relieve itself instead of something
smelly to roll around in, you may confuse it and interrupt
its potty training.

If your dog does manage to roll in poop (or some other
smelly substance,) make sure you wash it completely with
soap before you bring it into the house. Also make sure not
to touch the dog or let your children touch it when it is
still covered with the evidence. Although your dog thinks
it's cool, animal feces can contain worm eggs or harmful

This is one of those habits you are going to have to be
vigilant to break. It is completely a crime of opportunity,
so if you can manage to keep your dog from being
unrestrained in areas where animal droppings are abundant
this will be your best defense.

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